Christine Saalfeld

Christine Saalfeld studied Fine Arts and Philosophy in Hamburg, Berlin, Jerusalem and Rotterdam. She has lived in Rotterdam since 2000, exhibiting locally and internationally. 


In her work, Saalfeld deals with questions of humanism, social philosophy and art in public space. She explores aspects of day-to-day living and social interaction. Like public and private space, social inclusion, interaction, engagement and participation. Cities, streets, houses all become the sites of investigation in an on-going effort to better understand human nature and social cohabitation.


She works in several mediums, including drawing, sculpture and installations as well as public art and curatorial projects. Within her visual work, Saalfeld uses a surrealistic and architectural language of form. Her prototypes play with the contradictory attitudes of functionality and disorder, sense and nonsense, sedentary and nomadic forms of existence.


In 2012, Saalfeld founded STAD-NOMADEN as a platform for spatial interventions and urban strategies. The goal of the platform is to develop and stimulate socio-cultural projects for public space and to discuss the responsibility of the artist to the environments we live in.


recent publications:

The City At Eye Level voor Children, STIPO Thessaloniki/Stockholm

The Art of Cohabitation, As an Art Form of Social Coexistence